About Bob Buckle

Bob Buckle has been a professional entertainer for over 50 years. His first concert was in November 1965, following which he toured extensively in Britain, Europe and America, made appearances on radio and television that ran into thousands, and recorded 23 albums.

Bob started the first folk club on the wirral in 1961 with his singing partner Pete Douglas when they were known as 'The Leesiders'. The Leesiders were an extremely popular British folk duo who started out in their own club over a pub in Birkenhead, and performed all over the British Isles and Europe. By the time of recording "The Way of the World" in 1966, they were a professional duo and were regular contributors to BBC Radio shows and guests on several TV programmes.

Their recording of "The Way of the World" is a rarity, being originally included on the now highly collectable Folk Scene magazine compliation album from 1966.

In 1971 Bob and Peter moved on from The Leesiders to pursue solo careers. But before they did that, one last album, "The Best of Buckle and Douglas" was published by EMI Records.

Bob went on to have a very successful solo career. He recorded a number of albums, performed on TV and radio, played concerts in venues across the country and pursued his love of performing to young people with many tours of UK primary schools. He loves to bring folk music to young children, and, until his retirement in 2015, visited around 150 schools each year in addition to his other entertainment activities.

Bob also owned and ran a 24-track recording studio producing albums for himself and other artists. He has produced work for media outlets including the BBC and independant radio and has his own recording label, Bob Buckle Sound.

These days, alongside his love of folk music, Bob's main hobby is researching American Western history and sharing his insight into the truth behind some of the most famous and fascinating Wild West tales. You can visit his website The Real Wild West.